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Working for a Service Agency

Through contracting at an agency I learned to be extremly flexible and efficient. Agencies sell services instead of a single product. It's more than likely for a contractor of an agency to be working with multiple clients at the same time.

Client A might urgently need a full deck of wireframes by the end of the week, while client B would like 8 - 10 in-person interviews to be conducted and analyzed by next week. Between doing work for client A & B, one might also need to start recruiting participants for client C's usability evaluation study scheduled to take place in a week or two.  Because of this type of intense time constraints, I became extremly skilled in prioritizing time based on project needs. It's simply a must have survival skill for service agency life. 

More importantly, I worked on a variety of project types. From usability evaluations to service design analysis, it was an opportunity for me to get my hands dirty in a large array of design methods. I've highlighted some of the major projects I worked on while working at FCV Interactive.

My Role: User Experience Analyst @ FCV

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HelloBC China & Germany

Goal: This is a large scale website re-design project FCV Interactive undertook for Destinations BC. The goal is to re-design the outdated Flash based consumer facing Chinese & German HelloBC websites.

When: May - Oct 2013

What I did: I conducted a through content audit and information architectural analysis and proposed a new sitemap and content inventory. I also created ~70% of the re-design's wireframes and interactive prototype using Axure. Additionally, I handled the user recruitment, and created the usability test script with a research colleague. I then translated the test script to Chinese and conducting remote usability evaluations sessions with mainland Chinese residents. Then I re-adjusted the the HelloBC Chinese website's re-design to fit the German version of the website. Wireframes were provided for both desktop platform and mobile platform.

Website URL: http://www.hellobc.com.cnhttp://www.hellobc.de

Goal: The goal of this project is to design, plan and conduct a rapid usability study within the span of 2 week to identify the usabillity issues of TransLink's Compass Online System. 

When: August 2013 

What I did: I co-design & conduct a rapid usability evaluation study with a fellow FCV UX designer. I also constructed a User Journey Map based on our research.

WorkBC Responsive Design

Goal: The WorkBC project is a high-volume, dynamic web design project aiming to re-design and introduce a series of advanced functionalities to the existing WorkBC website.

When: Oct - Nov 2013
What I did: I was responsible for converting a high volume of desktop wireframes into responsive mobile wireframes for the WorkBC project.

Website URL: https://www.workbc.ca


Industry Training Authority BC Project

When: July - Oct 2013

Goal: The ITA project is an all encompassing service design project that includes many sub-projects. The focus of the ITA project is to improve ITA’s existing service for its customers: skilled trades apprentices and employers who sponsor apprentices. 

What I did: Trade Program Tool usability evaluation, expert review report, customer experience & service design analysis, particpant recruitment & screening, semi-structured interviews, data collection & analysis for persona creation

Website Link: http://www.itabc.ca/

Calgary Transit

When: Nov - Dec 2013 

Calgary Transit’s dated site was overly complex and difficult to use. FCV was tasked with creating a more user friendly website.

What I did: Conducted a full site content audit for the original website and analyzed the sitemap for IA re-structure.

Website URL: http://www.calgarytransit.com/

WelcomeBC Usability Evaluations

When: August - October 2013 

Goal: This was a re-design project of WelcomeBC's official website. The goal is to identify usability issues of website.

What I did: Conducted user interviews, analyzing qualitative data and writing evaluation report.

Website URL: https://www.welcomebc.ca/


When: August - October 2013 

Goal: FCV assisted BCLC on several online gaming system features.

What I did: Participated in brainstorming sessions and provided support during the wireframing process.

Website URL: http://www.bclc.com/