Lu Yu
UX & Interaction Designer
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Lu's User Experience (UX) Design Skills

Design Research

Unmoderated remote usability tests or in-lab evaluations? Contextual inquiries or semi-structured interviews? Design research methods are essential for improving an organization's KPI. I have the expertise to help an organization choose the most suitable solution. Case Studies »



Websites need sitemaps and mobile apps need flows. Regardless of platform, meaningful interaction relies on robust information architectural analysis (IA). Be it content auditing or card sorting, IA analysis is absolutely essential for relevant designs! Sample Sitemap »


Wireframing & Prototyping

Great designs result from countless iterations of drafts. Digital design is no exception. The wireframing & prototyping tools I'm most proficient in is Axure & Sketch, but I'm also familiar with FlintoHTML, CSS, and Javascript. Furthermore, I'm currently exploring Origami and FramerJS. Prototype Demo »


UI & Visual

An ugly UI may be the deal breaker that prevents a customer from choosing a product. From fundamental principles of design to responsive grid systems, I am well versed in visual design theories and practices. My weapon of choice: Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite and imagination. Visual Design Sample »


Find details of how I carry out my design work through these featured case studies.

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Visual Design Samples

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